Application Service

Finetech has a large team of engineering experts who are trained to specifically optimize processes, troubleshoot system challenges and provide insight on material use and handling. 

Do you have new products or new applications that may be unfamiliar to you? How confident are you that your current  process is as efficient and reliable as possible?

We provide the opportunity to order custom-made application support for your specific challenges. Let us do the job to determine the best possible result for your process.

Custom Made Soldering Profiles

What are your benefits?

There are a number of obvious advantages when entrusting Finetech with the development of your rework soldering profiles:

  • economy of time and money
  • 20 years of profound experience in advanced rework
  • soldering profiles in accordance with IPC’s specifications
  • created profiles are working reliably and will meet your demands perfectly

In our modern application department we have access to the whole spectrum of FINEPLACER® machines and corresponding jets and nozzles. The profile creation will be conducted by a specialized application team with long-term experience in the field of profile engineering.

What do we need?

To ensure a quick and secure profile creation, given technical circumstances must be clarified in advance. Typical specifications we need to know are

  • specifications of component and board
  • demands regarding time behaviour, temperature behaviour and other environment variables
  • used/required materials: solder paste, flux etc.

To assess feasibility, we will normally send you a questionnaire and ask you to send us a sample of your boards together with the corresponding description of applications. Once the assembly arrives, we will conduct various trials to confirm feasibility and to obtain further information necessary to offer a customer-specific quotation.

What do you get!

Save time and money with custom made and approved rework soldering profiles!

  • compendium of related materials 
    • soldering profile files 
    • protocols 
    • pictures
  • professional documentation