Vacuum Chamber Module

Precision die bonding under vacuum offers many advantages and allows processes otherwise unattainable at atmospheric pressure. Under vacuum, hermetic sealing is taken to the next level, void density is significantly reduced, and materials and processes can be studied in a near oxygen-free environment. Advantageous for materials prone to oxidation (i.e. In) or for applications requiring extra reliability and stable connections (i.e. power electronics).

The Vacuum Chamber Module easily integrates into a standard FINEPLACER® sigma sub-micron bonder.  All contact heating technologies for die and substrate, as well as bond forces up to 500N, are still available to enable the whole spectrum of assembly and packaging technologies.

Motorized z-levelling allows bonding with defined micro separation of die and substrate. Also available are additional purging steps with nitrogen or other process gasses.

  • Vacuum Chamber Module
    Vacuum Chamber Module with inserted substrate
  • Vacuum Chamber Module on FINEPLACER® sigma, open
  • Vacuum Chamber Module on FINEPLACER® sigma, closed


  • Pressure down to 10-3 hPa
  • No limitations to application of heat and force
  • No oxygen trapping, decreased void density for improved electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Hermetic sealing under vacuum
  • Improved connection force between bonding partners, also beneficial for adhesive technologies (e.g. DAF)

Available for FINEPLACER® sigma

Vacuum Chamber Module

Final pressure0.001 mbar (1,5*10-5 psi)
Gas purgingNitrogen or forming gas
Substrate size (max)50 x 50 mm² 1
Chip size (max)40 x 40 mm² 1
Sales code...VC
1 other sizes on request

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