Ultrasonic Module

The Ultrasonic Module is designed to be used with ultrasonic and thermosonic processes. 

The ultrasonic placement arm consists of a transducer and an application specific die collet. All necessary parameters like ultrasonic power, ultrasonic duration and synchronized start time in relation to other process modules, are controlled by software.

  • Ultrasonic Module with die collet


  • Allow short process times
  • Low temperature bonding
  • Software controlled
  • Automatic calibration after tool exchange
  • Low internal damping of tool

* depending on configuration

Available for FINEPLACER® pico ma

Ultrasonic Module FE3

Min. Power:300 mW
Max. Power:20 W
Resolution:100mW step
Frequency:60 kHz
Amplitude:approx. 2 µm
Sales code:FE3

Ultrasonic Module FE4

Min. Power:300 mW
Max. Power:40 W
Resolution:150mW step
Frequency:60 kHz
Amplitude:approx. 2 µm
Sales code:FE4

*Technical data are standard values (other values on request). Specifications given are subject to change without notice and may not be used as a basis for a binding offer or quotation.