Chip Heating Module

The chip heating module is designed to be used with thermocompression, curing or soldering processes. This module heats the component from the top, the heat is transferred to the chip via direct contact.

Standard and high precision tools are available.

Tools with a rigid head are the standard for thermal applications. The rigid tool head is fixed in parallelism and provides best results for most applications.

High precision tools are available and allow gimbal leveling of the chip to the substrate to ensure highly reliable process results. Especially developed for laser bars and other large area components.

  • Chip Heating Module


  • Temperature controlled heating/cooling
  • Even heat distribution
  • Process gas support
  • Integrated vacuum support
  • Easy and fast tool changing
  • Durable design

* depending on configuration

Available for FINEPLACER® pico ma

Chip Heating Module FB3C

Power:80 W
Heating temperature:40 °C - 400 °C
Heating ramp (max):6 K/s
Temperature Steadiness: ± 3%
Chip size (max)*:15 mm x 15 mm
Sales code:FB3C

Chip Heating Module FB5C

Power:160 W
Heating temperature:40°C - 400 °C
Heating ramp (max):6 K/s
Temperature Steadiness: ± 3%
Chip size (max)*:20 mm x 20 mm
Sales code:FB5C

Chip Heating Module FB6C

Power:300 W
Heating temperature (max):400 °C
Heating ramp (max):20 K/s
Temperature Steadiness: ± 3%
Chip size (max)*:20 mm x 20 mm
Sales code:FB6C

*Technical data are standard values (other values on request). Specifications given are subject to change without notice and may not be used as a basis for a binding offer or quotation.