Bonding Force Module (automatic)

Bonding Force Modules are designed to be used for thermocompression, ultrasonic, curing and soldering processes. They provide controlled bond force to eliminate operator influence on the process.

Automated bonding force modules allow software adjustment of various forces within a profile.


  • Gentle and controlled touchdown prior to force application
  • Software adjustment of various forces in one profile
  • Closed loop force control
  • Programmable bondline gap adjustment
  • Different force ranges available
  • Precise force resolution
  • Reproducible bond force adjustment
  • Fast process change over
  • Independent of tool and die weight

* depending on system and configuration

Available for FINEPLACER® pico ma

Bonding Force Module FD5.0

Force (min):0.3 N
Force (max):30 N
Resolution:0.3 N
Sales code: FD5.0

Bonding Force Module FD5.1

Force (min):0.5 N
Force (max):60 N
Resolution:0.6 N
Sales code: FD5.1

Bonding Force Module FD5.2

Force (min):1 N
Force (max):100 N
Resolution:1 N
Sales code: FD5.2

Bonding Force Module FD5.3

Force (min):2 N
Force (max):200 N
Resolution:2 N
Sales code: FD5.3

Bonding Force Module FD5.5

Force (min):4 N
Force (max):400 N
Resolution:4 N
Sales code: FD5.5

Bonding Force Module FD7.2

Force 1 (min):0.3 N
Force 1 (max):30 N
Resolution 1:0.3 N
Force 2 (min):4 N
Force 2 (max):400 N
Resolution 2:4 N
Sales code: FD7.2

Bonding Force Module FD7.3

Force 1 (min):2 N
Force 1 (max):200 N
Resolution 1:2 N
Force 2 (min):7 N
Force 2 (max):700 N
Resolution 2:7 N
Sales code: FD7.3

*Technical data are standard values (other values on request). Specifications given are subject to change without notice and may not be used as a basis for a binding offer or quotation.