Flexible Sub-micron Die Bonder

The flexible FINEPLACER® lambda is a sub-micron die-bonder for precision die attach and advanced chip packaging.

It offers a modular design and can be easily reconfigured for future applications, making it the premier choice when maximum technological versatility and fast process implementation is key. Typical fields of application include R&D, universities, prototyping and low-volume production.

The system handles a wide range of applications, including laser bar and diode bonding with Indium or Au/Sn, VCSEL/photo diode bonding (glueing, curing) and the multi-stage assembly of opto electro mechanical systems (i.e. MEMS/MOEMS) for communications and medical technology products.

  • Die bonder FINEPLACER® lambda
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  • Sub-micron placement accuracy
  • Unique optical resolution
  • Handles ultra small components with special tooling
  • Closed loop force control
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • Optics movement with programmable positions


  • Automated processes (temperature, force)
  • Overlay vision alignment system (VAS) with fixed beam splitter
  • Robust construction and modular design
  • Integrated Process Management (IPM)
  • Real time process observation camera
  • Adaptive process library
  • Process transfer from system to system
  • Virtually unlimited range of advanced bonding technologies


  • User independent die placement and process operation
  • Outstanding placement accuracy and instant operation without adjustments
  • Provides high level of reproducibility and application flexibility
  • Synchronized control of all process related parameters: force, temperature, time, flow, power, process environment, light and vision
  • Immediate visual feedback reduces process development time
  • Fast and easy process development
  • Process transfer from R&D to production saves time, guarantees reliable results
  • ROI savings - one machine for all applications



Technical Specifications

Placement accuracy:0.5 µm
Field of view (min)1:0.54 mm x 0.43 mm
Field of view (max)1:6.6 mm x 5.28 mm
Component size (min)1:0.03 mm x 0.03 mm
Component size (max)1:15 mm x 15 mm
Theta-rotation of tool:± 5°
Z-travel of alignment stage:10 mm
Working area1:190 mm x 52 mm
Bonding force range2*:0.1 N - 400 N
Heating temperature (max)1,2*:400 °C

* depending on configuration/application
1 other values on request and depending on configuration
2 optional module