Laser Characterization

The versatile, multi-purpose die bonder FINEPLACER® pico ma can be modified to perform as a cost-effective and flexible testing device for high power, single or communication lasers. Various types of equipment can be integrated for optical capacity measuring.

The component to be tested and characterized is aligned and placed precisely onto a heat sink using the FINEPLACER® Visual Alignment System. Next, the component can be supplied with the defined current. A ceramic heater allows test runs under various temperature conditions.

What are the Challenges?

  • Manually or fully-automated alignment and placement process
  • Suitable method for bare and bonded laser devices
  • Proper tooling, bond force and vacuum control
  • Integrate customized measuring equipment (diode driver, integrating sphere)
  • Perform various testing methods: LIV, spectral, near field, far field

The Finetech Solution

Laser Characterization Kit (LCK)

The Laser Characterization Kit (LCK) is a retrofit configuration for the FINEPLACER® pico ma.

In close co-operation with the customer, Finetech develops comprehensive solutions adapted to specific requirements. The modular approach and state-of-the-art interface solutions ensure integration of  third party testing and measuring equipment, such as the laser diode driver or an integrating sphere.

An LCK may typically contain:

  • Ceramic Heater for heating from below
  • Adapted tray holder for GelPaks or other carrier solutions
  • Ceramic transfer plate for temporary laser bar deposition
  • Adapted vacuum control tray holder and transfer plate
  • Interface and connection solutions
  • Gimballed Laser Bridge Tool for the FINEPLACER® placement arm
  • Modified Bonding Force Module for small forces adapted to the special design of the Laser Bridge Tool
  • Customized mechanical superstructures for third party testing equipment

Laser Bridge Tool

  • laser characterization bridge tool
    Laser Bridge Tool

The Laser Characterization Kit comes with Laser Bridge Tools which can be used with your standard FINEPLACER® placement arm.

The Laser Bridge Tool is suitable for laser bars with dimensions from 8 mm x 1 mm to 11 mm x 2.5 mm.

The gimbal design of the Laser Bridge Tool automatically ensures X-axis parallelism when the laser bar is placed onto the heat sink. In order to allow parallelism along the Y-axis, the rear part of the tool is height adjustable.

If required, the Laser Bridge Tool can be easily exchanged with a standard pick and place tool for FINEPLACER® bonding systems.

Recommended Bonding System

  • Equipment for laser characterization
    FINEPLACER® pico ma
    Multi-purpose die bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico ma, a multi-purpose bonder, offers high placement accuracy (5 micron), allowing for placement and bonding of the smallest die with a pitch of down to 50 µm.