• Sub-Micron Accuracy

    Sub-Micron Accuracy

    2.5D / 3D IC packaging and Multi-Chip Modules

  • 300 mm Wafer Capability

    300 mm Wafer Capability

    High-precision wafer level bonding

  • 1000 N High Force Bonding

    1000 N High Force Bonding

    High I/O count, ACF and sintering applications

  • FPXVision™ Alignment Optics

    FPXVision™ Alignment Optics

    Always maximum resolution and alignment assistance

FPXvision - New Alignment System

FPXvisionTM is the newest generation of Finetechs Vision Alignment Systems (VAS). Going beyond an ordinary evolution, this impressive range of technological innovations opens up new fields of application to the user.

With FPXvisionTM Finetech takes FINEPLACER® optics to the next level.

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