FINEPLACER® micro rs

Hot Air SMD Rework Station

The FINEPLACER® micro rs is an enhanced hot air rework station for assembly and rework of all standard types of SMD components.

A high level of process modularity allows all rework process steps within one system. The system is at home in production environments, R&D, process development and prototyping.

The FINEPLACER® micro rs covers ultra small to large SMD components on small to large sized PCBs, with the goal to have highly reproducible soldering results.

  • Rework station FINEPLACER® micro rs


  • Industry-leading thermal management
  • Components from 0.125 mm x 0.125 mm to 90 mm x 90 mm
  • Board sizes up to 460 mm x 310 mm
  • High efficiency board heater
  • Closed loop force control
  • Automated top heater calibration
  • Placement accuracy better than 10 µm


  • Automated soldering processes
  • Overlay vision alignment system (VAS) with fixed beam splitter
  • Modular design
  • Integrated Process Management (IPM)
  • Real time process observation camera
  • Adaptive process library
  • Process transfer from system to system


  • Hands-off component placement, user independent process operation*
  • Outstanding placement accuracy and instant operation without adjustments
  • Provides high level of application flexibility
  • Synchronized control of all process related parameters: force, temperature, time, flow, power, process environment, light and vision
  • Immediate visual feedback reduces process development time
  • Fast and easy process development
  • Identical results on different machines allow central profile development, administration and distribution



  • Soldering of:
    • Small passives down to 0201
    • RF shields, RF frames
    • Connectors, sockets
    • Sub assemblies, daughter boards
    • Flipchip (C4)
  • Pin in Paste (PiP)
  • Through Hole Reflow (THR)
  • Reworkable underfill, conformal coating
  • Single ball rework

Technical Specifications

Placement accuracy:10 µm
Field of view (min)1:13.8 mm x 11.6 mm
Field of view (max)1:71 mm x 58 mm
Component size (min)1:0.125 mm x 0.125 mm
Component size (max)1:60 mm x 60 mm
Top Heating²:
  Power: 900 W
  Temperature ramp rate: 1 K/s - 50 K/s
  Flow range: 10 Nl/min - 70 Nl/min
Bottom Heating²:
  Power: 2100 W 
  Heated area (max): 380 mm x 285 mm
  Flow range: 96 Nl/min

* depending on configuration/application
1 standard value, other values on request
2 optional modules