FINEPLACER® coreplus

One for everything

The FINEPLACER® coreplus is an all-round hot air rework station for electronic components and assemblies. The complete rework cycle, including desoldering and soldering the component, residual solder removal and reballing, can be performed on the same compact rework system. The spectrum of compatible surface-mount devices ranges from very small (01005) to large components (BGA).

The full-area Bottom Heating Module has been optimized for reworking medium sized PCB of consumer electronics (tablets, laptops, gaming consoles) or medical technology products (i.e. MRT devices).

A pre-installed profile library and an intuitive visual user experience enables new operators to pick up work immediately. Numerous professional features, such as digital top heater calibration, precision touchdown force control and live process observation, make the FINEPLACER® coreplus a future-proof investment when the demands get tougher.

  • FINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> core<sup>plus</sup> rework station
    FINEPLACER® coreplus rework station
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    BGA Reballing
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    BGA Rework Cycle
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    Mobile Phone Rework


  • Components from 0.125 mm x 0,125 mm to 90 mm x 90 mm
  • JEDEC/IPC conform thermal management with top and bottom heating systems
  • Automated pick-up and touch-down with force measuring
  • Automated processes
  • Process traceability with SmartIdent
  • Intuitive user experience with SmartControl
  • Compact machine design


  • Hot gas rework station
  • Automated soldering processes
  • Compact and robust design
  • Vision alignment system with fixed beam splitter
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Real time process observation camera
  • Digital top heater calibration
  • Manual precision Z-travel range of the reflow arm


  • Even and reproducible heat distribution
  • User independent process operation
  • The whole rework cycle within one cost-effective system solution
  • Reproducible placement accuracy
  • Coordinated control of all process parameters: temperature, flow, time, process environment
  • Immediate visual feedback reduces process development time
  • Quick machine setup time
  • Safe handling of sensitive components



Technical Specifications

Placement accuracy:25 µm
Field of view (min)1:12.1 mm x 7.6 mm
Field of view (max)1:65 mm x 45 mm
Component size (min)1:0.25 mm x 0.25 mm
Component size (max)1:60 mm x 60 mm
Board size (max)2:400 mm x 310 mm
Board thickness (max):6 mm
Top Heating:
  Power:900 W
  Gas temperature (max):380°C
  Temperature ramp rate:1 K/s - 50 K/s
  Flow range:10 Nl/min - 70 Nl/min
Board Heating:
  Power:1600 W
  Gas temperature (max):360°C
  Flow range:32 Nl/min - 160 Nl/min
  Heated area (max):280 mm x 250 mm

* depending on configuration/application
1 standard value, other values on request
2 optional modules